The Coordinating Body has been established to monitor the conduct and actions on the Internet on the part of the political parties, their candidates, the independent candidates, as well as those who do not take direct part in the elections or referenda, but may influence the public in favour of a certain campaign (influencers, YouTubers, etc.).

The Code also covers online media (Internet portals), the social networks (Facebook), and the radio and television channels’ websites.


The Coordinating Body comprises of representatives of relevant institutions/organizations with experience, knowledge and practice in the field, as follows:

– Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services
– Association of Journalists of Macedonia
– Macedonian Institute for Media
– Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia
– Institute of Communication Studies
– “Metamorphosis” Foundation

The coordinator of the body is Saše Dimovski from the Association of Journalists of Macedonia, and the deputy coordinator is Olivera Vojnovska from the Metamorphosis Foundation.



The Body shall be operational for its intended purpose only, meaning from the day of announcing elections/a referendum until their completion.

Anyone who deems that the ethical rules and principles prescribed in the Code of Conduct in the Online Sphere during Electoral Processes and Referenda have not been observed, may submit a complaint to the Coordinating Body.

In order to facilitate the submission of complaints, a special form has been prepared, available at this link.

After the form is filled out, it should be submitted to the following e-address to be looked into by the Coordinating Body.

The final response to a complaint is decided upon by all members of the Coordinating Body by simple majority, after which the reply is sent to the submitter and published at an appropriate spot on this website.


Once received, the complaint is forwarded for consideration and processing to the member that is the most competent for that particular issue. For example, if the complaint refers to content published in the newspapers and their electronic editions, the online media or the broadcasters’ internet editions, then it shall be processed by the Council of Media Ethics.

If there are doubts that a journalist has violated the professional standards and ethics during their reporting, the complaint shall be processed by the Association of Journalists (ZNM).

If, on the other hand, disinformation have appeared in the online media or the social networks, or by a political party and its candidates, an independent candidate, an influencer or some other entity that may influence the public in favour of a campaign, the “Metamorphosis” Foundation shall take action.

In the event that a different kind of expertise is needed or the issue is fully or partially under the competence of another institution or body, the Coordinating Body shall address the relevant institution/organization accordingly.

The reply is deliberated upon by all members and, after the voting (decided by a simple majority), it is considered to be final.